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Bespoke Software Creation

We're the experts

We create custom software to fit unique business needs. As specialist Xero developers our bespoke software syncs seamlessly with Xero, removing the restrictions associated with off-the-shelf applications and delivering innovative solutions that set you apart from the competition. Often, trying to make off-the-shelf software meet the needs of your business is similar to squeezing a square peg into a round hole. Awkward, time consuming and frustrating. Bespoke software is customised to exact business needs, meaning there is no feature that isn't relevant, useful or valuable. Our custom-made applications increase productivity, reducing costs and removing frustration.

Your own core business application

Bespoke software built specifically for your company is a valuable core business application. Fully integrating with Xero, tailor-made software from Axis Direct is a long-term investment - built well, bespoke programs will support your business as it changes and grows, offering optimal value for money. We use the Xojo programming environment to develop our software solutions. Xojo represents modern development, native cross-platform programming and fast application abilities. Combined with our exclusive, custom-built object relational mapping module, Axis Direct is able to deliver fast custom software development at very competitive rates.


We see many cases where companies are using off-the-shelf software and bending it too far in an attempt to meet their business needs, impacting efficiency and creating frustration.


The Axis Approach

Rich and varied experience in the technology industry means that we value listening and communication above all else in order to fully understand the business need. We nurture a close client relationship to better identify what business success looks like, aiming for the bespoke application we create to pave the way there. Often, it's the little things that make bespoke software development & integration seamless, and attention to detail is one of our biggest strengths. We provide efficient and fast service and use the latest developments in technology to ensure we provide a cost-effective solution for our clients.

Every project is different

We approach projects with an initial consultation, sitting down to discuss business needs and goals with the client to ensure the utmost accuracy and transparency. Every development we work on is different - no two applications are ever the same - so we never rush the consulting process. Following this meeting, we create a specification based on the information given to us, ensuring that our clients are happy and excited about the project before we progress any further. The next step is to write our proposal, have the client sign it off and begin development.

We support the following systems

  • Xero Integration
  • Windows (Vista +)
  • Mac (OSX Cocoa)
  • Linux*
  • Cloud (On Premise)
  • Cloud (Hosted)
    * Contact us for distributions supported.